Many suffer from the incurable disease of writing, and it becomes chronic in their sick minds. ~ Juvenal

Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge

Incurable Disease of Writing would like to challenge you with a writing exercise.
Should you accept this challenge will be given choices. Do you want an exercise or prompt? Do you want something simple, complex or in-between? For instances, a simple exercise would be something like this:

Write a story in which two characters both want the same thing, and if one gets what she wants the other can’t have what he wants. 500 words.

Something more complex would be like this:

Research two historical figures that lived around the same period who contrast dramatically with each other. Imagine a simple setting and a brief scene in which these two characters interact. After writing a draft or two with the names of the real historical figures, change the names of the two people to your own fictional creations. This exercise should create two characters other than the historical figures, but let these historical figures influence the newly minted fictional characters for a good long while. 600 words.

A simple prompt would be:

Start your story with this phrase “Ninety-nine haiku masters boisterously delivered hiccups that…” include the famous landmark “The Nile River” and the superhero “Wolverine” in your story.

A more complex prompt:

Late at night, when the humans in the house are asleep (but not the not-so-bright pet dog, a golden retriever—Jack Russell terrier mix who sits in the kitchen waiting hours on end for his breakfast), the food in the refrigerator comes alive. One by one, the eggs, fruits, vegetables, leftovers, jelly jars, defrosting meat, and half-used cans of dog food stretch their limbs, open their lids, and have a chat. Their conversations are mostly about ways to outsmart the dog so they can safely escape the refrigerator to gallivant around the house. One night, they notice there is no barking, no panting, and no banging of a tail against the tile floor. They pool their stamina and begin pushing against the inside of the refrigerator door. Tell the story of what happens next from the point of view of a bottle of ketchup that is allergic to everything outside the refrigerator.

You will have at least two weeks to complete the projects. More time is negotiable. Participants have the option of including a brief bio with their story when it is published as well as links to their blogs and or websites.

So, do you want to accept a writing challenge from Incurable Disease of Writing? If so, fill out this form and the Administrator will get started with the arrangements.