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The role of nanotechnology

The role of nanotechnology

Like the plastic is considered somewhere in the 60 safe sources of income that would change the world, now this is nanotechnology that holds the attention of most investors in the future – and this is just the beginning.

What is really nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is the ability to engineer and atomic materials, one after the other molecule. From the bottom up. This is a revolution unlike any other and that is precisely why American companies have invested huge sums in research and development in nanotechnology – reportedly comes to a total of $ 3 billion with 50% of the amount invested in electronics and information technology. 37% of the amount designated in the material and manufacturing industry, another 8% were referred to the industry health and wellness and 4% more channeled the energy and environment sectors.

Moreover, in the last decade invested risk capital funds in the US and $ 5 billion in companies engaged in the development of nano-technology – 86% of the total investment of risk capital funds and in the field. All these amounts were added $ 12 billion that the US government transferred to the Palestinian National Nanotechnology.

Useful nanotechnology Today

Energy and Environment – Industry catalysts (Catalysts) worldwide use nano-technology developments in an attempt to make a clean environment – such as when you need to remove pollutants from the exhaust of cars. Another example is the use of tiny components, rechargeable batteries, therefore, high speed due to the special electrode material containing nanocomponents.

Medicine – Already a number of drugs for infectious diseases and cancer among other contents contain soluble components in the development of nanotechnology. Moreover, in recent years that entered the market a number of medical imaging devices based on nanomaterials who wish to destroy the cancer cells spread in the body. Moreover, nanotechnology also helps many researchers to develop equipment that helps in diagnosing early symptoms of the disease.

Materials – Nanotechnology very important role in the creation of tiny carbon nanotubes actually weaving interlocking composite materials, which are characterized by the resulting high electrical conductivity and scant physical weight.

Consumer Goods – In recent years the use of nanoparticles increasingly prevalent number of manufacturing industries including food industry sectors, cosmetics and sunscreens. The minimum size of the particle contains several unique characteristics such as strength greater protection from the sun, greater durability of the fabric to stains and more.

National Science Foundation in the United States predicted that by 2015, sales of nano-based products will come up to a total of a trillion dollars and will provide 800,000 new jobs in the United States alone. If we consider that now employs nanotechnology industry 160,000 workers in the United States each year and the present total size by 25% of people – they have no choice about drawing that prediction may be realized even spoken.