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The dangers of alcohol addiction

The dangers of alcohol addiction

Alcohol is addictive and destructive effects of which are psychologically and physically. Psychologically, beyond hang drinking and tolerance to the increasing amount of Sltzrichth and sometimes more often, when it turns into a haven for every problem, is dangerous because it increases risk Therefore, it can cause hallucinations and hearing voices. Unfortunately, we often encounter cases of stabbings clubs caused by the influence of alcohol and drunk driving cases in which caused traffic accidents, resulted in death. Physical effects of drinking are difficult. It can cause irreversible damage as serious liver disease, skin problems, bad teeth, it makes alcoholics rate of hospitalization and even death.

The country there are many rehab centres alcohol withdrawal aimed. The centres work with addicts using psychotherapy and psychological as well as by way of medication and preventive of drinking. The first phase will be held at the treatment centre’s medical tests blood alcohol level, the heavy state how much he hurt and the rest of their systems in the body. In the second phase will be discontinued consumption and prescription medication to calm the pain at the moment, as well as psychological and emotional. Weaning is considered difficult. About a month addict will try to overcome the physical phenomena accompanying cessation of drinking. Next steps it will try to deal with all the factors that caused him to turn to in the long run forever. Usually, an addicted person experiencing symptoms after a few hours without alcohol will tremors, sweating, a strong heartbeat and loss of appetite. Also, sometimes after a longer period of time, after several days of weaning process may also delusions, hallucinations and hearing voices. And muscle cramps, hunger, fainting, increased blood pressure, excessive sweating and shaking.

Therapy should be given by doctors and psychiatrists and will include processing trauma, coping with difficulties and developing learning skills and skills to solve problems of daily life more normative and Fichhiim more. This is actually the focus will be more mental stability, mentally and emotionally, Htmodddot with eating disorders, problem-solving everyday life normative form as much as possible, focus on self-empowerment, healthy eating and physical fitness in support of advocacy groups. the treatment is psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and there are therapists who integrated the alternative treatment, like hypnosis.

In conclusion, treatment of alcoholism, which is harmful and destructive consequences so expressed psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioural, pharmacological treatment Lsichoh difficulty weaning itself Slash and prevention. In addition, there is also integrate alternative methods.