Many suffer from the incurable disease of writing, and it becomes chronic in their sick minds. ~ Juvenal

Love – the ability to adjust

Love – the ability to adjust

The more we iterate and examine the structure of the brain of a man versus a woman’s brain structure is a radically different perception of reality, a different language, different communication, decision-making process, and sex ratio feeling and thinking mechanism completely different.

So how to cope?

First I would like to refine the mechanism I mean male or female mechanism, I mean Netto character of each party. Today we can identify each and everyone thought and behaviour patterns of male and female. We eclecticism of the two together. Will be very difficult to find a typical man or woman by this template. As soon as I do I identify which engine running me and which of the two runs the spouse/partner, on the other hand, I can relate accordingly.

A female mechanism is easier for him to connect the mechanism identical. Good communication is created, the bride and her mutual support they need. They understand each other sometimes unspoken. That is the feeling you could have developed. As opposed to the less masculine mechanism among each other, acting for the most part in individual sets.

Also, the feminine mechanism works empathy and a tendency to connect emotion, a high capacity to absorb and process information in around and features. While the mechanism is very typical masculine lines, direct thinking.

Human rule conflict stems from an inability to connect them. Since the typical male mechanism can not never dress feminine and reverse mechanism. He will know in advance and we understand that we can never change the other ones we have to learn how to bridge over gaps are in favour of the common bond, has been solved faulty understanding a large part of the human perception of reality.

An inborn trait the same for both sexes is a constant need for pleasure will cause a feeling of satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment. For example, A woman when she is happy and she feels emptiness, disappointment, frustration usually go out and buy something that gives her a sense of fulfillment moment. While a typical man usually prefers to go to the bar and drink.

Apparently, the operator mechanism is our desire for fun and pleasure, attitude, manner examination, and the decision-making process more completely different between men and women. Calculated as if the minds of the two employees in accordance with other software from one another.

And what is the proposed solution?

First, we need to summon the will on both sides and cooperation for change. Otherwise, it will not work. We must respect each other, we realized that we are different, and coping productively conflict resolution through dialogue is cultural. In how we listen and try to feel and understand the other’s desires and how to resolve the dilemma proposed by the other side. Whether it’s an outing, making children’s education or real estate transaction. Compromising both sides will lead to an optimum solution.

From which we are trying to change the other party to a new situation in which we together are the one towards the other and change for the benefit of common bond.